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    Life’s circumstances are not an accident.

    Life’s circumstances are not an accident. Although there are events we do not cause, our reaction to those events are, in the most part, free willed. We are also an active participant in causing much of our reality. To deny this is to play victim. But victim hood is giving away your power. Wouldn’t it be far wiser to acknowledge the link between cause and effect and therefore have some say in charting your own destiny.


    “Nothing affects the child more than the unlived life of the parent.”

    Here there is some acknowledgement of the role of parents in their children’s future. Cause and effect linked. Although most parents will acknowledge some part in this equation, some go into denial. “it is his father’s fault” or “all his family had emotional problems” – Here the hereditary idea is being acknowledged but added to it is blame. And Blame is one of our societies greatest toxins. We need the courage to say I cause and therefore I can change any circumstance.Rarely are we the originator of a line of events. We are more often the carrier than the original source. Breaking a lineage of a negative belief is a huge responsibility. It often requires the “black sheep” of the family to reject the nuclear family structure. Or the renegade business person or musician.


    We should be proud of the maverick in us, we need to break the bonds of conformity to ensure the originality and authenticity of our actions.So much has happened since the universe became a fact that the succession of development seems endless. The order in which events occur is called succession, just as the passing of air looms from parent to child is called succession, being the direct descendent in a straight line.


    Nothing can happen without a cause.


    If a person is able to be a single cause of a single fact, and to thereby set in motion a single line of activities, they count themselves inspired.The laws of cause and effect apply to everything.


    You have said, as thousands and millions of people say constantly,

    “if I could have my life to live over again, I would know what to do and how to do it; and everything would be different.”

    You also know the present reality is conditioned by the past so it has served. And even once in awhile you have said that you are satisfied with what you have accomplished in life and have nothing to regret. But you don’t mean it.


    There is no man or woman who would not gladly take advantage of experience to amend the circumstances of the past, or the pain and drama they caused others.The past is dead. So there can be no remedy for the errors of judgments and conduct of the past. The only consolation is the learning we get. Even experience is an unworthy teacher. It is based on finding things out after they have happened. This is the reverse of good judgment. If you put a $10 bill in the fire to see if it will burn, you have acquired the knowledge through experience, but you have lost $10 unnecessarily.


    Thousands of people find out that they are in the wrong profession and they are halfway through their life when they make the discovery. Thousands of people learn that there are engaged in business careers of the kind that did not best suit their abilities and taste. To correct these errors of choice, people have consulted with all manner of guidance for advice to the future.But Oracle's cannot not tell the future, nor have consultants had much success.


    Ninety percent of estimates of the future fail.


    In fact we know thousands of careers that have been ruined by advice from some of the best in advise. There are reasons other than the stars that determine what the future has in store. It is the law of cause and effect, and is much more scientific than fortune telling.


    You do not have to wait for experience, and you don’t need to seek the advice of fortune tellers, astrologers, or other so called predictors of the future.We are not begrudging those fortune tellers. But the specificity of their advice should be taken with caution. To know that darkness lies ahead is important.


    To know the form of that darkness is impossible unless one can know the psychology of the individual. We cause the form of our experiences, although we may work with the greater hand in their creation. In other words, we may, in adversity, plough into an accident.


    How that accident affect us, that is purely a personal experience.Serendipity aside, all mistakes that fill each personal history might have been avoided if only time had been taken to study the future and to have learned its meaning. Earthly existence is often paved with regrets. The fault is in the inability to look ahead.

    50% of marriages are regretted.


    A large majority cling to each other against their real wishes, and are brave in doing so. Wasted years come and go while existence drifts along without aim until the end is too near for a definite purpose.The present is the result of the past. It is foolish and indulgent to aspire to create happiness in the present or the future when the past is paved with errors of judgment and short term ideals. The present is here. It was designed, predicted and created based on past actions. Eat cake yesterday – be overweight today. Living in the present can become an ambition to abdicate responsibility for cause creating effect.


    We cause our future by our present and past actions. Delaying satisfaction now, will breed happiness tomorrow. Many people don’t understand this in this modern era. They go to food, sex, drugs and spirituality in order to create a present state of mind oblivious to the past. It is simply not possible to sustain such an ambition.


    Once the present is here it is too late to amend it.


    To create a present of a particular design we need the past to have been focused on it. It requires more integrity, more alignment between present actions and thoughts and the future desired. One cannot escape past actions, thoughts and ideals, it’s results are expressed in the present. Integrity means past actions that produce today’s result. It requires longer term thinking rather than short term gratification. It requires a commitment to ethics and discipline. It requires a view of life longer than the next packet of potato chips.


    Children are suffering from this epidemic of short term gratification. All the world is now designed for fast results. When they don’t come, there is depression. Who does not know someone with depression. And then look at that person with depression and you will not find an ambivalent individual. You will find someone with high hopes and low discipline. Someone who wants everything for nothing. The path between success and thinking about success is long. But it has been sold short.


    Many people want the world to change but can’t change their own mind.


    That means righteousness.


    Righteousness is the epidemic on this planet right now. It controls most of the west. People say I am spiritual but they also hold views about life that are fixed. This is not spiritual it is religious.How many people delay action because they do not wish to make a mistake. Yet, after many years of delay they cry out “oh if only I had acted sooner”


    Marriages or business decisions, all fit this class of delay. The pain of regret always outweighs the pain of discipline. Depression is just one result of delayed action. An individual may delay action in order to avoid the pain of it, but the depression creeps in, because to resist the normal flow of life by hanging onto something that is dead or finished will cause a breakdown in natures flow, disease and ill-health are the result.


    One person who contacted me said:


    “I thought my feelings of emptiness were my problem, I went to therapy and all manner of spiritual classes yet, the longer I experienced them, the more depressed I became, until I was really suicidal. At your seminar you encouraged me to be honest and authentic, which frightened me no end. But after some coaching I got there, my relationship was dead, and I just refused to consider that possibility. It was my second marriage and my kids were just getting used to the new family, my heart was dead to my partner. I had spent the last 2 years in denial. The minute I confessed it, I was re born. I explained it to him and he said he already knew it. I told my therapist I was finished and just confessed that I was happier, healthier alone. I can’t believe how stuck I was and how many lies I had told myself in order not to face the discomfort of my truth. In the end the depression – which is a reflection of the lies I was telling myself – nearly killed me. I encourage every student of Chris, to open their heart with him and find this authentic awareness and have the courage to live it. It’s the greatest gift I ever gave my children.”


    There is no other pursuit in which so many people are engaged, and have been engaged since history began. Seeking truth, personal truth is vital because it ultimately leads to the future. Predicting the future is the universal hunt, all humanity either worries about the future, or else is building its hope on it. All faces are turned to the front.Some turn to Oracles, mystics and astrologers. Hand their power to numerologists as if the future is already predicted. In this there is only half truth. Our destiny may or may not be determined by our talent and skill, but our reaction to it, our decisions along it, our sense of authenticity in this journey are absolutely self determined.


    One man lost his wife, his home, his business, his children and his personal wealth just before he had a nervous breakdown. His grief was overwhelming, he just couldn’t work at all.


    His comments were:


    “ I was so full of anger, hate and self pity I thought this loss and all these circumstances were some sign from above that I’d screwed up, I was ready to die. But after speaking with Chris, well, I saw the bright side, sure this was terrible loss and I gave myself permission to accept that it hurt, but the other side was my blind side. I was free, a new world awaited me, travel, new work, hope and giving. I was born to help and I’d been delaying it so long I’d sabotaged my whole material life in the process. I started to laugh and laugh until I cried. It is so wonderful to know that there’s order I the chaos. I was not alone nor stupid or made some un godly mistake. Life has two sides, like everything and this was the other side. I have never looked back. I always look for the other side. No more depression, no more self pity. There’s two sides to every coin and my life mission is to find those two sides in everything. No more righteousness, that causes so much trouble. Thanks Chris, you saved my life."


    Authenticity is the most vital and the most essential faculty in human life, because it determines the future. A person bemoaning the past creates their own future pain. A person hating someone in the past creates them in a new form in their future.


    A person judging the past guarantees their future to include what they judge. Our in authentic experiences and memories of the past, resentment, anger, bitterness and pain guarantee that we will suffer those humilities in the future.. Authenticity, raw honesty, is the faculty that should be cultivated by all people because it creates their future.


    Prediction of the future, by aligning authentic self awareness and ambitions for the future guarantees harmony and success. Nature intends it. She uses this future prediction with all forms of life lower than man to care for themselves. She also plants the need - desire for its knowledge, in every human mind, and where people have acted on its impulses they have outstripped all others in the race for success.The person who looks ahead with, honesty, humility and integrity of the present reality creates the clearest vision and has become the leader in whatever walk of life they have chosen.


    Therefore, because the past has created the present, there is no need to study the present. We must then turn 100% of our attention to determine those behaviors today that will create the future we desire tomorrow. Once tomorrow arrives it is too late to change it. All cause of the future is either in the present or the past. Future seeing must take higher priority above all other studies, above all other forms of human effort, above all other powers that raise people to higher planes, and above all other faculties with which the mind is capable.


    There is no education that can compare with future seeing in the value of its results. It stands faraway above and beyond all other considerations, reaching out, as it does, into the coming years and beyond the grave to eternity.


    You must take into your heart that any bad emotion that you carry now, from your past, will in itself guarantee the future you least choose.


    It will contaminate and destroy family and relationships, and most importantly, through depression and mental health problems, it will destroy health. Make it you commitment this day to find integrity in relation to past events. Determine if you are secretly harboring regret, resentment, anger, pain, loss or grief. And if so, set about to transform those perceptions to appreciation. Nothing in the past is worthless. Everything had a benefit and drawback, you must find both, and then focus on the affirmative, the positive. It is the only authentic way to release the past’s affect on your future destiny.


    We encourage you to set aside everything else that will distract you from this authenticity at lease once every day. If you examine the past once it is likely that your first layer will be reached. If you examine it a second time, take those vital parts of it and let them seep deep into your mind, reaching the second layer. When you have examined the past twice, made comments and notes to yourself, then you are prepared for the final phase of authenticity. Release must come through the subconscious. You must be ready to fall asleep at night soon after making the past event into a balanced, appreciative experience. You must fall asleep at night with thankfulness for the past, either yesterday or 80 years gone, each layer will reveal another.


    The results will amaze you.


    But note, only one event can be absorbed at a time.Have your note book near your bed, open it to any memory you may jot down during the day and test yourself to see if you can remember both the good and the bad side of that. Fall asleep remembering the good. Keep your thoughts on that lesson and fall asleep trying to understand its gift. Your last thoughts before you sleep will be on thankfulness.


    The result is that it’s ideas will pass through to your subconscious mind, as sleep allows you to enter the realms of consciousness below the surface of thought.On the same principle, whatever occupies the subconscious mind as you enter sleep will be manifest in the earth plane in the day. An intense urgency of thought in the last waking moments, becomes a prayer. Such thinking is always fruitful. So thankfulness for the past will release your mind during sleep to create the future un burdened with judgments, fears and regrets about the past.


    The future pictures that create future destiny will be clear.


    This is true prayer as opposed to mumbling prescribed text and remaining unbridled in negative or judgmental thinking.


    Remember that every giant mind of the past has, without being taught, adopted this habit of absorption at night before going to bed. Daniel Webster, with the Bible, Milton and Shakespeare, all these people dropped asleep night after night, working out their destiny.

  • Applying NATURE'S Universal Laws

    Putting heart and soul back into work and life


    Nature seeks balance in everything

    Emotions are fun. They take you up and down. If you want change, you want to change your emotions, get past them. The universal laws show you how.


    Nothing is ever missing

    There are only two states of mind that you need. One is inspired and the other is stillness. The universal laws show you how.


    Everything vibrates according to its kind

    The person with the greatest certainty leads. Thoughts travel through walls no words can penetrate. What goes on within, causes everything. Self leadership. The universal laws show you how.


    We grow at the border of order and chaos

    What goes up, must come down. Elation causes depression. Infatuation causes resentment. Attraction is always balanced by resentment. Mastery of the universal laws puts you in control.


    Everything is humble to something greater

    Like attracts like. Everything vibrates according to its kind. Blame doesn’t work. Old stories repeat themselves. Release the past, be in the moment, create the future. The universal laws show you how.


    An incompetent leader comes home exhausted, proud to have burnt all their matches during an incompetently unbalanced work day and then ask their family and friends to tolerate their exhaustion, to rebalance their incompetent work life. This leads to stress, breeds itself into children and lowers the tone of relationships. I'll show you how to work in balance so you come home and give your best to those you love while performing at your optimum at work. MORE...


    I don't know why we fight it, but we do. Every upper has a downer. We grow at the border of support and challenge. The best parent, the best partner, the best leader, the best self leadership supports and challenges you. But ignorant teachers teach you to run from negativity... no, no, no. Nobody treats you better or worse than you do, so if you run from negativity, you run from you. Where to? Instead, nature teaches you to grow, evolve from it. No blame, no victim, total, 100% personal empowerment. The complete resilience. MORE...


    Jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, reaction, judgement, criticism, depression, anxiety, stress, tension and more are all the result of disconnectedness. Diconnected to self, to reality, to nature, to life. This is foundation stone 101 of success. Nothing is missing it just changes in form. Can you imagine the fulfilment, contentment, resilience, satisfaction and the resulting communication that would be transformed by just this one insight. Don't take my word for it please. Go sit under a tree for a week, go to mountains for 40 days, the desert for a few years or the hills and you'll see what great sages have seen: nothing is missing it can just change in form. And you, your thoughts, are the form changer... MORE


    You grow, you build, you create, you learn: now what? Do you think what you learnt has any real relevance in the next level of your career? If you do, you'll avoid the ugly feeling of incompetence, the essential identifier of real growth and the essential nature that must be embraced in order to succeed. Otherwise Groundhog Day is "Always doing what you've always done, always getting what you've always got." If this is what you want, fine. If not, embrace the understanding of "FRUSTRA." MORE


    The one and the many. The one Mt Everest, the many mountains below. The one leader, the many followers. The one body the many cells. The one tree the many forest. The one Dali Lama, the many monks. The one Sun in the sky, the many planets. Are you the one or the many? It is your vision that will dictate the answer. But a tree without roots is no tree. It's a dangerous thing. A hungry human without kindness, a leader that is so ambitious they can't even exercise or maintain their health. These are dangerous. The roots of the tree must grow deep.






    Live as nature intended - Get what nature intended

















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